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Compiled by Matt Rafalow, last updated: 6/15/21


This is a living document (meaning, it will be updated over time) to help orient new folks to the Slack. The goal here is to show you around.

General guidance

If you’ve never used Slack before, I recommend checking out this brief overview of how it works. There you’ll learn the basics: what a channel is, how to interact, how to set up your profile, etc.

What this group is and how to join

This Slack channel is for sociologists who study digital phenomena in any capacity and/or who use new digital methods to study social life. We help one another with questions we have about research, readings, teaching, jobs, and more. We also organize community activities for those who are interested. The only condition for entry is a substantive interest in the sociology of digital life (a student interested in the field, a professor studying this work, an industry researcher, etc.). To join, apply here. We encourage downloading the app because it makes it easier to participate.

Expectations for participation

Once you’re in, you should know what is expected to participate – check out the rules before sending messages across the community.


Channels are discussion rooms that are tailored to different topics and purposes. You can find them on the left hand side (marked with #) of your Slack interface. Here is our current list and a general overview of what happens in each:

#ai_ml: Discuss artificial intelligence, machine learning, and society.

#all_things_bipoc_poc: Discuss race/ethnicity in research.

#amas: Events where we “ask me anything” (AMA) with invited quests.

#celebration: A new publication, a new job…a new puppy? Celebrate it here.

#conferences_cfps: Share or read about upcoming conferences and calls for papers.

#community_website: Weigh in on what goes on the TechnoSoc website.

#dataresources: Information about datasets to use or related topics.

#ethnography: Talk about fieldwork methods, digital ethnography and related topics.

#games_and_research: Discuss social, cultural, human components of video games.

#general: General watercooler talk – no topical constraints!

#industry_mentorship: Participate in a mentoring program for industry work.

#industrywork Discuss topics related to those currently working in industry.

#internships: Information about internships: how to apply, where to apply.

#influencing: Discuss influencing/influencer culture. Also juicy YouTube drama.

#intros: New to the Slack? Introduce yourself here!

#internships: Discuss all things related to internships – applying, etc.

#labor: Discuss work, labor, and technology research.

#misinfo_polarization: Discuss research and news about online misinfo and polarization.

#mondaystandup: Where we host our Monday ritual to share what you’re up to.

#news: Discuss recent news articles relevant to the community.

#nlp_text_and_language: Discuss computational methods for analyzing textual corpora.

#novelsnovelsnovels: Share and discuss non-academic reading.

#postphd_academicjobs: Post academic jobs, read about such jobs, discuss such jobs.

#postphd_industry: Post industry jobs, read about such jobs, discuss such jobs.

#publicwriting: Learn about how to write about research for public audiences.

#researchquestions: Ask for advice on a project, reading suggestions, etc.

#rules: Learn about the rules for participation and suggest new ones.

#students: Meet other students, discuss topics relevant to other students.

#teachingquestions: Ask for advice about teaching, suggested readings, etc.

#uprooted: Connecting members who live, study or work far from their “roots.”

Community activities

We also have a number of ongoing community activities that you are free to participate in or even help lead. Feel free to reach out directly to the committee members to join:

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Committee: Angèle Christin, Daisy Lu, Matt Rafalow

Computational Social Science Reading Group

Committee: Nga Than

Beverage-agnostic TechnoSoc Happy Hours

Committee: Christopher Persaud, Liz Marquis

Expert Database

Committee: Matt Rafalow

Industry Mentoring Program

Committee: Michael Dickard, Sam Jaroszewski, Michael Miner

Mini-Workshop Series

Committee: Daisy Lu, Lucy Li

Monday Standups

Committee: Matt Rafalow

Randomized Coffee Trials (RCT)

Committee: Michael Soto

Social Scientists on the Market

Committee: John Boy, Liza Shifrin, Nga Than

Sociologists of Digital Things Syllabus Share

Committee: Diana Enriquez, Liza Shifrin

Welcome Wagon

Committee: Lucy Li, Nga Than, Matt Rafalow

Who’s Who in the Slack

Writing accountability groups

Committee: Morgan Johnstonbaugh

Specific interests

I am looking for a job

I need help with a research project

I need help with my teaching

I want to celebrate a milestone

I live outside North America